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Sojasun was founded in Brittany in 1988 in Triballat Noyal, a family-run dairy which had been committed to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture since the 1970s When they discovered soy and its remarkable nutritional and environmental benefits, the company had a revolutionary idea: to use their experience and transform the humble soy bean into what would become the famous soy dessert, Sojasun.

Today, the Sojasun brand offers around forty different products, including soy-based desserts, drinks, ready meals and culinary ingredients. Our products are made in Brittany, not far from Rennes. Our primary factory in Châteaubourg receives French soy beans and transforms them into soy milk, which is then used to manufacture the various Sojasun products.

Our drinks and desserts are prepared and packaged on this site. Our soy steaks, mince and ready meals are made in a workshop in Châteaugiron, a few kilometres from the main factory.


Sustainable development has been at the heart of our company for
25 years:
• Choosing renewable energy
• Environmental criteria when choosing our packaging
• Reducing pollution related to the road transport of our products.

Futuroscope technology park, 6 miles from Poitiers, provides over 2.9 million ft² of hi-tech office space on 200 hectares of land, as well as a conference centre, hotels and restaurants, and 13 research laboratories. It is the largest enterprise park in the Vienne, and its second-largest employment base with 250 innovating companies (multimedia, customer relations centres, e-business, etc), 7,000 employees, 400 researchers and 2,000 students.

The Futuroscope is naturally associated with The Green Expedition and will participate in a Renault ZOE in this human and ecological adventure that fits perfectly with the eco-responsible approach undertaken by the Park (control of energy consumption and water, restoration based on local products, ...). Values ​​that visitors can also find through well-known attractions and spokespersons (Thomas Pesquet, Bertrand Picard) who carry a strong message on the theme of sustainable development.

Since its creation, Michelin has set itself the mission of contributing to progress in the mobility of people and goods and, beyond that, to the progress of society. It aims to satisfy the basic human need for encounter, exchange and discovery.

We intend to do so by fully assuming our responsibilities in all our operations.
Taking our responsibilities is to contribute to developing sustainable mobility, that is to say, always responding better to the expectations and aspirations of people, respecting natural and economically healthy environments. It is also to take into account, in our choices, the impacts of our activity in the long term. It is on all these aspects that the performance of a company must be appreciated.

By "taking our responsibilities", we mean the day-to-day application, in our actions and our decisions, of the five core values ​​of the Michelin Group:

• Respect for customers
• Respect for people
• Respect shareholders
• Respect the environment
• Respect for the facts

SCAME Parre SpA, a leading company in the production of electrical equipment was founded in 1963 and today, as a group, comprises more than 18 controlled and associated companies around the world with around 800 employees.

These modern facilities with robotic automatic mounting systems and stringent quality control ensure reliable products at the cutting edge of technology. SCAME produces over 10,000 items covering a wide range of components and systems for electrical installations, suitable for domestic, tertiary and industrial use.


JuiceNet - eMotorwerks


Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Europe, eMotorWerks is a subsidiary of Enel X, Enel's advanced energy services business unit, which is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging market. JuiceNet smart charging solutions. JuiceNet compatible devices, such as JuiceBox connected high-power charging stations, maximize efficiency and charging speed while providing electric vehicle owners with intuitive control and visibility. EMotorWerks helps energy companies and grid operators reduce electricity costs, reduce grid load and maximize the use of solar and wind energy. eMotorWerks develops the electric vehicle charging ecosystem through partnerships with terminal and EV manufacturers and provides a complete cloud platform for balancing and optimizing the network to energy companies . eMotorwerks, a start-up born in the Sillicon Valley in California, elected in 2018 in the TOP 100 world of Cleantech, acquired by the ENEL Group at the end of 2017 ("the Italian EDF"), has managed to meet two requirements in the USA: to be the interface between energy suppliers and car manufacturers.

With a first network in the US of 40,000 terminals (JuiceBox), interconnected with vehicles of different manufacturers, eMotorwerks has the ambition to expand its model in all countries.
Their integration platform (JuiceNet) optimizes the load according to customer desires, network constraints and electricity prices.
ENEL X, champion of the ENR, and its e-Mobility business line, sees eMotorwerks as a flagship of its mobility strategy, considering the VE battery as a strategic link in the electromobile value chain and regulation of energy networks ( V2G).
eMotorwerks has opened branches in London, Berlin, Oslo and Paris in recent months.


We support the Raid Green Expedition to prove that while long-distance electromobility and an a priori hostile environment is possible, then the "adventure" of commuting is more than realistic at the time of the need for a transition energy that goes through a change in our behavior. Prove also that the fluidity of the recharge goes through a better density and maintenance of the charging infrastructure to make its trip as anxiety-less as possible (stress-test of the infras of the countries crossed). Round of observation also from outside that this European edition which leaves and arrives in the 2 most emblematic countries for eMotorwerks and VE: France and Norway ... and why not to position tomorrow with our colleagues of ENEL X on the 2020 edition of the Ruta 40 with a team from South America ...

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