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The Green Expedition 2019 from Paris to North Cape

The Green Expédition PARIS-NORTH CAPE 2019
The Green Expedition", an electric raid from Paris to the North Cape from 6 to 25 February 2019
The Project  - Atypik Travel Organisation

As Organisers of more than 60 expeditions since 1990, including the longest in the world (34,000 km) on the most legendary itineraries (Silk Road, Pan-American, Spice Route...), we introduce our new big challenge of  2019: « The Green Expedition », a new challenge that will take you from Paris to the North Cape aboard electric vehicles !
The choice of this route is no accident. As with Route 40 in Argentina, we wanted an expedition of several thousand kilometres that presented complex challenges. So we decided to make a winter journey between Paris and North Cape, located well beyond the Arctic Circle.
A real technical challenge when we know that electric vehicles are not necessarily the best suited for outside temperatures that may fall as low as -35°C... These temperatures have an impact on the autonomy of the cars, as the charging speed of the batteries falls dramatically. With our team of specialists, the challenge will be to find tricks and ruses that will help us to achieve our milestones of 300 to 400 km per day. 
This will be a beautiful and pioneering adventure: imagine these vehicles advancing quietly over the frozen lakes, along the fjords and amongst the vast snowy landscapes with one goal: to reach the North Cape in 14 days and demonstrate, once again, that the impossible is not electric! 
Come participate in this incredible electric raid, and start dreaming of a better future for our planet ...

Competitors, partners and sponsors, it's not too late, join us and tell yourself that:

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Any company interested in associating its image and its brand with this fantastic project can participate in this eco-expedition in February 2019, vehicles can be driven...


An idyllic route that will surprise you with the richness of its landscapes, with its nature and wildlife that are lost amongst the immensity of the frozen lakes, snowy forests and countless Norwegian fjords.



Any company interested in associating its image and its brand with this fantastic project can participate in this eco-expedition in February 2019, vehicles can be driven by employees of
the partner company (PR department, for example). 


Support “The Green Expedition” and be sure of positive feedback! 

You may sponsor the organisation as well. Documentation available on request.

This expedition is also open to individuals under certain conditions. Contact us for further information.


• Participation in the ranking is optional. On the contrary, the score remains mandatory to benefit from mechanical and medical assistance 

• A jury will deliberate regularly on the classification (at least at mid-course)
• Points: We award a base of 1000 points: increased by successful events, decreased for penalties.

Prizes (per crew)
• 1st place: 2000 € + 1 cup
• 2nd place: 1000 €
• 3rd place: check of 700 € to be worth on a next Rally / Raid of Baroudeurs
• 4th and 5th places: check of 500 € worth on a next Rally / Raid des Baroudeurs                                                                                                                             For more +

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