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Sustainable mobility

Olivier Clanchin, CEO - Triballat / Sojasun

Olivier Clanchin talks about the efforts made by his logistic service in terms of Eco-mobility:

"Mitigation of climate change is an urgent challenge that we must address. We are convinced that real movement at the societal level necessarily involves the contribution of all of us. We have chosen to address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions in our logistics part because this is where the efforts have the most direct impacts, and therefore, the most palpable. It is important to remember, however, that reduced consumption of energy or raw materials helps to avoid carbon emissions. Our fight against climate change is therefore transversal, at all levels of our activity."

Olivier Clanchin is co-signatory with ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) of the "Objectif CO2" charter.

Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (AVEM)

The opinion of the ADEME on the potentials of the electric vehicle:

"The response to the environmental challenges of the transport sector requires improving the energy efficiency of the various modes of transport and changing behavior. The electric vehicle is part of the range of solutions to develop. ADEME published on 13 April 2016 its opinion on the potential of the electric vehicle and presents four main recommendations for its development: 

  • be used intensely as a substitute for the thermal vehicle;
  • be optimized for specific uses;
  • Integrate with new mobility service offerings


It can also be a link in the implementation of smart grids. From an economic and environmental point of view, the electric vehicle will be all the more interesting if it is used intensively: for example, for daily commuting to work in the absence of public transport, as part of shared fleets of corporate vehicles, for deliveries of goods in the city, or for mobility services such as carsharing. "

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