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Sojasun was founded in Brittany in 1988 in Triballat Noyal, a family-run dairy which had been committed to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture since the 1970s When they discovered soy and its remarkable nutritional and environmental benefits, the company had a revolutionary idea: to use their experience and transform the humble soy bean into what would become the famous soy dessert, Sojasun.

Today, the Sojasun brand offers around forty different products, including soy-based desserts, drinks, ready meals and culinary ingredients. Our products are made in Brittany, not far from Rennes. Our primary factory in Châteaubourg receives French soy beans and transforms them into soy milk, which is then used to manufacture the various Sojasun products.

Our drinks and desserts are prepared and packaged on this site. Our soy steaks, mince and ready meals are made in a workshop in Châteaugiron, a few kilometres from the main factory.

Sustainable development has been at the heart of our company for
25 years:
• Choosing renewable energy
• Environmental criteria when choosing our packaging
• Reducing pollution related to the road transport of our products.

In 1987, René Monory founded the first amusement park in France. Then president of the General Council of the Vienne, he imagines the concept Futuroscope: a site turned towards the future on which a recreational area, a zone of economic activity and a training area would coexist, to revive the entrepreneurial spirit of the department.

Nearly 30 years later, the bet is successful and the model of development of the territory that represents the Futuroscope refers to the world.

The Futuroscope is naturally associated with The Green Expedition and will participate in a Renault ZOE in this human and ecological adventure that fits perfectly with the eco-responsible approach undertaken by the Park (control of energy consumption and water, catering based on local products, ...). Values ​​that visitors can also find through well-known attractions and spokespersons (Thomas Pesquet, Bertrand Picard) who carry a strong message on the theme of sustainable development.

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ISIOHM - our expert partner in charging stations! 

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Created in August 2019, Avere Occitanie is the reference regional association in Occitanie on electric mobility. 

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Air raid in the footsteps of the Pioneers of Aéropostale - Historical, Solidarity and Cultural projects 


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As a public utility organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles and associated culture, our association adheres to the various programs of international automotive institutions.

Their active support reinforces the actions carried out by The Green Expedition - Aéropostale 2021!

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