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Sojasun was founded in Brittany in 1988 in Triballat Noyal, a family-run dairy which had been committed to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture since the 1970s When they discovered soy and its remarkable nutritional and environmental benefits, the company had a revolutionary idea: to use their experience and transform the humble soy bean into what would become the famous soy dessert, Sojasun.

Today, the Sojasun brand offers around forty different products, including soy-based desserts, drinks, ready meals and culinary ingredients. Our products are made in Brittany, not far from Rennes. Our primary factory in Châteaubourg receives French soy beans and transforms them into soy milk, which is then used to manufacture the various Sojasun products.

Our drinks and desserts are prepared and packaged on this site. Our soy steaks, mince and ready meals are made in a workshop in Châteaugiron, a few kilometres from the main factory.

Sustainable development has been at the heart of our company for
25 years:
• Choosing renewable energy
• Environmental criteria when choosing our packaging
• Reducing pollution related to the road transport of our products.

SCAME Parre SpA, a leading company in the production of electrical equipment was founded in 1963 and today, as a group, comprises more than 18 controlled and associated companies around the world with about 800 employees.

These modern facilities with automated robotic mounting systems and stringent quality control ensure reliable, state-of-the-art products. SCAME produces over 10,000 items covering a wide range of components and systems for electrical installations, suitable for domestic, tertiary and industrial use.


The company has confirm their participation to the second edition of The Green Expedition RUTA 40 in 2020!!


360 ENERGY is an Argentinian company specialized in the installation of solar power plants. We will partially recharge our vehicles in two of their power plants located along Route 40.

The company holds 14 solar projects with a total capacity of more than 350 MW. These solar projects are located in five Argentine provinces (San Juan, Catamarca, La Rioja, Cordoba and Santiago del Estero).

They are professionals engaged in the production of electrical energy from renewable sources. They currently produce more than 80% of total solar energy production in Argentina, including the Cañada Honda photovoltaic solar farm, located in the province of San Juan. 

For more, visit their website:

Marc votre coach magazine est un magazine de développement personnel et professionnel destiné à accompagner toute personne à atteindre son plein potentiel.

Un magazine indispensable pour obtenir la Zen Attitude!

YESO est une marque jeune, dynamique, créative, et cultivant un optimisme indefectible. Leurs produits sont à leur image. Des sacs a dos et sacs de voyage, sacs de sport pour la ville, le sport ou les sorties. Des sacs conçus pour les Hommes, les Femmes et les Enfants.

Ses valeurs s'incarnent dans les valeurs de la jeunesse, le soutien aux jeunes talents, les rallyes, les œuvres sportives et sociales. La société est une plate-forme de création et d'entraide pour les designers de talents. Les technologies de l'information permettent d'échanger des contenus riches et d'échanger les idées créatrices quelques soient les lieux et les cultures. YESO offre aux créateurs la possibilite d'exprimer leur talent en promouvant leur création.


YESO s'engage dans diverses activités de soutien auprès de professionnels ou de communautés et minorités.

Au travers de donations d'équipements sportifs, l'entreprise apporte son soutien aux jeunes générations.

YESO soutient les minorités ethniques soit au travers de programmes en lien avec des ONG soit directement par des actions d'aides directes de financements de projets éducatifs et scolaires, soit en servant de plateforme de commercialisation de produits artisanaux.

C'est alors tout naturellement que YESO à l'intention de contribuer généreusement à la mission humanitaire de "The Green Expedition" en apportant notamment diverses fournitures scolaires à l'école de Tica Tica en Bolivie.