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The Green Expedition 2023 with electric vehicles

TEASER of The Green Expedition 2023


The Green Expedition ON THE TRAIL OF AEROPOSTAL, electric rally  in March 11, 2023


“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams..”. 

Extract from The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry.


Known in the organization of motorized endurance raids, with atypical vehicles, carried out all over the world, we asked ourselves the environmental question. We had to integrate the new ecological conditions into our approach. The Green Expedition is an ambitious and relatively daring project. !
says Bruno Ricordeau, founder of The Green Expedition and manager of A.T.O.

Atypik Travel Organisation (A.T.O.) presents the 2023 edition of The Green Expedition, starting on 11 march 2023 from Toulouse. Aboard electric vehicles, participants will face a route filled with challenge and adventure, as they follow the trail of the iconic Aéropostale route, reaching Cape Juby in Morocco a week later.

After 3,000 km and around eight days of competition by electric motorcycle or car, the first to arrive in Cape Juby will be declared the winner. In the spirit of a transatlantic yacht race, participants are free to follow their own itinerary until they reach Casablanca, using their own strategy for charging their vehicle. Combining competition, ecology and solidarity, this race takes participants to the edge of the Sahara and offers fans nailbiting suspense as they wait to find out who will be first across the finish line! 
Those with a thirst for adventure, top-level athletes, personalities and entrepreneurs will have to display the necessary qualities – motivation, tenacity, strategy and adaptation to the terrain – to take a place on the podium, whist also taking into account the material and technological aspects involved in the race. This unique challenge, under the honorary patronage of the French Ministry for the ecological and inclusive transition, will put these vehicles of the future to the test.
You are simply immersed in the heart of the largest electric rally in the world! Come participate in this incredible electric raid, and start dreaming of a better future for our planet ...
Competitors, partners and sponsors, it's not too late, join us and say that: 

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Associate your image and your brand with The Green Expedition 2023 ! Important media coverage will accompany the event, based on the model of what has been done for previous...

A 3,000 km route over eight days, open to electric motorcycles and cars !

Thanks to the use of electric vehicles, enjoy breathtaking landscapes without the noise! The tinerary of The Green Expedition will transport you back to the iconic Aéropostale route with its wild and rugged landscapes, between desert, sea and mountains.

Registrations are now open and until December 18, 2022 (or earlier if the program displays full). 

We will limit the number of registrations to 16 people minimum (8 cars) / 40 people maximum (20 cars) and maximum 10 motorcycles.
For organizational reasons and to guarantee your participation, registration is required as soon as possible!

ELIGIBILITY - Participants will have to use a car or motorcycle with a 100% electric engine. These vehicles must first be listed on the website

MANDATORY SCORING STEPS - There will be 2 check-in stages: the Algeciras stage before taking the boat (free booking) and the Tangier stage, at the boat's exit (GPS points will be communicated later). For more, please contact us!

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