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Raid Electrique - Avril 2017


Sojasun was founded in Brittany in 1988 in Triballat Noyal, a family-run dairy which had been committed to environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture since the 1970s. When they discovered soy and its remarkable nutritional and environmental benefits, the company had a revolutionary idea: to use their experience and transform the humble soy bean into what would become the famous soy dessert, Sojasun.

 This is why the company has supported the organization of atypical vehicle raids since 1990, and has naturally committed to participate in The Green Expedition.

"Electric mobility has always been "Electric mobility has always been anchored in the values ​​of Sojasun. Françoise Clanchin, who founded the company in 1988, has been driving for over 20 years in an electric vehicle. Our company is fully committed to a CSR approach that promotes the use of organic -fuel for its trucks and encourages its staff to eco-driving. It is therefore obvious to participate in The Green Expedition. From now on, driving electric is no longer a utopia but a reality, All that can be done to promote the development of the electric vehicle and all the approaches that will support good practices will be virtuous ”says Olivier Clanchin, CEO of Triballat / Sojasun. 

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