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The concept

In April 2018, The Green Expedition was the first and longest ecological raid in the world having the ambition to test the 3 main electric mobilities:  motorcycle - bicycle and car during a long journey. On board were champions, athletes of high level and personalities of each category. A fantastic trip of 5000 kilometers in 20 days, destined to demonstrate that even the clean vehicles could do great distances in arid roads, at the other side of the world.  

In February 2019, The Green Expedition assumed a new challenge with a raid of almost 5000 km bringing Paris to the North Cape. Ultra-negative temperatures (up to -28 °C) put the batteries and competitors under tension. However, the cars and motorcycles crossed the line of goal in the established time after 2 weeks of raid and they managed to demonstrate that crossing territories with extremely low temperatures with electric cars was possible. French amusement FUTUROSCOPE park also joined this adventure.

This is how the next ATO electric challenge will be developed again in Argentina, a Splendid tour along the Andes Mountains on a mythical road, the "RN40": roads, deserts, tracks ... A fantastic trip of national tourist interest that crosses all Patagonia from North to South. 


"It still is a great challenge to mobilize the market players of the electricity sector, but we Sincerely believe that The Green Expedition will configure what the motorized raids for the future. In 2018, we boarded 6 vehicles, and this first edition was the testing ground of the 3 main electric mobilities, which received support from 2 states".




  • - Crossing Patagonia from Bariloche to Ushuaia so the arrival will be in Tierra del Fuego!

  • - For the motorcycles a race will be organized in certain stages from San Carlos de Bariloche to Ushuaia.

  • - There will be a classification established at the end of each stage. Therefore, the stopwatch will have all its importance, but will comply with the local road code,         especially on asphalt portions.

  • - The recharge strategy (location and duration) will be decisive for those who will register the best times and will be the first to reach Ushuaia, the final goal.

  • - The race will only be open to two-wheelers, but cars can participate in the raid without the notion of time. Only the resistance and navigation of the participants will be evaluated.

  • - The general classification will be set in the 3 connection stages to facilitate the two border crossings of Argentina - Chile and Chile - Argentina and assure participants of their arrival in Tierra del Fuego.

  • - 2800 kilometers - 12 days of vehicle raids electrical
  • - Daily statements and balance sheets will be provided by the technical assistance team concerning: overall behavior of vehicles and pilots, the endurance of sensitive parts and in particular of the batteries, the average consumption (in kWh / 100) and total consumption at the stage 
  • - High sponsorships of the Ministries of Transition ecological and solidarity in France and Argentina



Technical: for motorcycles, it will be the race strategy that must be optimized. The ingenuity of the choice of intermediate refills will be decisive because the autonomy of the vehicles will be tested in road conditions far from those usually encountered (wind, large differences in temperature, unevenness, etc.) Only an exemplary eco-conduct will bring the cars to the end of the stages of 250 kms on average.

Ecological: "It is a question of organizing an eco-raid in a country almost completely deprived of charging station and where the electric park is almost nonexistent! Our ambition is to contribute to the electrification of the Ruta40 "explains Bruno Ricordeau. For this, the organizer will ask to the municipalities crossed to make the public electricity network available, as in 2018: three-phased 32A sockets that should be left available to the public after the raid.

Sports: physical condition and preparation, the ability to maintain endurance and surpass oneself will obviously be assets when you know that Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego are regions regularly beaten by the winds. From one day to the next, the weather can change dramatically and a sunny day with mild weather may become a cold and freezy day!

- Humanitarian: it'a a solidarity adventure! The Green Expedition is committed to the Ruta 40 Foundation (NGO that works for education in schools along Ruta 40) to visit, educate students about ecology and bring supplies in 3 schools along the road.